Dark lord, my groom

What shines
Is you
Inside the Moon.

What loves
Is you
Inside my heart.

Yes, yes
I heard your silence
I am you bride,
All I am
transparent white
Dark Ivory
All yours.

Yes, yes,
My heart is full of moonlight
Bon fire falls
Over centuries of dark nights.

thousand lives
In one moment of delight.

Where am I?
Before who
I am kneeled?

What happened?
Am I sleep or
Awaken in absolute.

Happiness is my groom.
I am waltzing in his arms
Around the moon.
At last,
I dare to say the truth.
I am married to the dark lord.

Love burns my eyes,
No image is left.
I am the eyes.
I am reborn.

I can hear
your silence
Falling from the sky
Heavy rain
Washing my face
I can’t stop my tears,
I offered myself many times
Today at last
Love met love
On equal ground.

I asked you,
If you coming
to meet me in flesh
you said one word

My tiger,
My king,
I turn my lives
Over to you
No more fear
No more absence.

Soul arrived to her worth
You loving me
As fully as you are loved.

Take me quickly
I am drunken with love,
Yes, yes,
We no longer be apart.
I see you in flesh,
Your body is beautiful
Dark long hair
Big green eyes,
Smile on your lips
reaching me
melting my heart
Jasmine in the air
All seasons are arrived.

I no longer know
Who’s the groom
Who’s the bride…
I am locked in you.
Side by side…

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “Dark lord, my groom”

  1. Ram, I enjoy and learn deeply from your comments, you are a dear friend. Love all

  2. divine Serena Devi….happiness is my groom ……g….room …..God’s room

    soul food….your poem…..

    knowing the Sun…..ray loses its identity….

    Who’s the groom
    Who’s the bride…
    I am locked in you.
    Side by side…


    love all….


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