Lavender field

Lavender field
Morning walk
Across the differences,
Finding the sameness

intoxicated with perfection
Stretch over the purples.
Return of a cool breeze
After the rain
Encounter new facets
Bright smile of golden light
Reflects back
the beauty hidden inside.

Sinking in senses
Surrender to warmth of the Sun.

Watch the wandering
Tribe of swallows
Leaving behind
The nagging thoughts
With open wings
Flying across the lavender field.

Take a break,
lean on a willow tree
A pocket full of fruits and nuts
Silently eat.

Hear the passing wind
Says “be”.
Lie down on a bountiful violet earth
Paint with a brush of joy
On clear green leaves
“I am”.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “Lavender field”

  1. Ram, your place is full of light. Thank you much blessing. Serena

  2. divine…..paint with brush of joy…..canvas divine…..

    silent prayer…..

    love all…

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