Monarch butterfly

Hot, strong, sleepless
The wanting voice inside,
The cry of the hungry hole
Shakes the reflection
Of sky on the white quiet lake.

After years
Listening to that noise
One night
caterpillar dreamed
That she is dead…
The day after
the wanting
in her ended.

Monarch caterpillar
On the edge of the chasm
Fell into the cocoon,
Who could tell,
What took place inside the white cloak
Could be written in blood, or ink
Or invisible tears…
Wanting stayed dead.

Caterpillar resembles
what no longer resemble caterpillar
Shall we say the name…
And let her through herself to the wind
Fly away from dark night
Away from the crying hole.

Monarch butterfly
With speed of light under her wings
Fly high
towards the eternal moon.

No longer resembles caterpillar
No longer hungry with desires…
Butterfly has won
and found her real life….

© Serena Devi, October 2010

5 responses to “Monarch butterfly”

  1. Thanks Laz, glad that you like it, your poetry is so full of light and truth in just few words… always take me to a heavenly delight. Much blessing Serena

  2. This is so Beautiful Serena 🙂
    Peace to you,my friend


  3. butterfly look at her wings and still remember the time in cocoon, the story of caterpillar, that is why behind many crashes she has over the rainbow…She is happy, finally she met a great wind who help her to keep her wings still and be a joyful as her nature is… Dear Ram, you the heavenly wind…. May your wisdow and kindness, be the strength for many new trasformed butterflies as they learn their path and fly….
    I am blessed with many things, the greatest always always have been realtionships, that I have learnt all needed to be learn….Love and silence…. Thank you my friend to your presence on earth… In peace, love and campassion Serena

    P.S I will read your posts about butterfly later today and respond, your comments are rays of the sun… Love all

  4. divine…….magical transformation…

    Mirror tells me everyday…….learn to be…butterfly just a day for today.

    please view all posts on butterflies….

    the very first thing I clearly remember is running after butterflies in the garden…a childhood delight… wisdom light….

    live like a butterfly….dear and divine Serena Devi

    with grace and gratitude ….


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