Almond tree blossom

On the road
That will follow
This poet
To her lover’s heart,
Morning blooms
Around a small pond.

Almond trees
Must move
Fifty yards away
From the incomplete blossom
One of them is late
for its appointment with fate.

This poet
Is absent
from her normal place.
The thin edge
Between each breath
The nameless
The ordinary
Keeps her alive.
To hum
A single song
Of how love began in her
how it ends…
And Who else
She could love.

Privacy is a standard fence
Separate a tree from its shade
transparency is the unique
No shade to break
No fence, to offend.

This poet
Doesn’t know
Where she belongs
In absent of her lover
She sobs
Every time,
Green exile exchange shades
With almond trees
To delay
Her end.

What is left from her?
Even shades
Are unfaithful
To hold her in one place.

Does she ever go back
To normal?
All she asks
Is a chance to start all over again
Pick up what is left from her rose
Plant a new love
To draw her roots closer
To orbits of the earth.

The poet
Doesn’t know the limit
Haw far she goes
To cherish life
In the one she loves…

Deep dawn
There is a dream
What she desires…

Her pen is out of ink
Her finger’s writing soundless
On two places at one time.
Bind her to the dream.
The dark night is on a rise
The moon desending
The whisper is getting loud
Almond tree blossoms
your lover will return.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

3 responses to “Almond tree blossom”

  1. In time… arrive to no time, your words …. wonderful truth thank you Ram… Love all

  2. divine……fine muse..

    tree flowers in time…..time flowers into happiness in timelessness …..happiness is the sign of lover’s return….let the whispers …….becomes cloud of silence…

    love all..

  3. Is this your photos, Serena? I adore it.

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