An empty space
Between two hearts
A distance
Between two lips
To explore
The journey of a kiss.

weightless clouds
Shy morning rain
Opens the gates
To a white day
fertile of new hymns.

The crossroad
To meet
All ends
All beginnings,
To choose
With total freedom
When to halt
Or move ahead.

A handsome
guitar player
with mystical eyes
Singing to the girl
Across the hall
Her favourite song.

A woman
On a saddled horse
With a heart full of hope
Bites her apple
Smiles at the endless blue road
Rides to her beloved home.

Butterfly’s wings
in swing
Says hello to the morning breeze
To another butterfly
Across the golden field.

Two small hands of a child
Squeezing hard
The chocolate bar
To the last drop
In his friend’s open mouth.

A window
In a shape of heart
To enter as a wind
To leave as a song.

The placeless pleasures
Of life
Breath to breath
From here
To eternity
Teaching us
” to be”.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

4 responses to “Happiness”

  1. Tree must stay still, so happiness could sit… wisdom … light, joy…. friends… gratitude…

  2. divine……tree of happiness….
    love all..

  3. Thanks jingle. It is always nice to see your track here. Blessing

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