Conversation with God

This poem is very close to my heart ,as I have lived every word of it…. Tonight I read it again in more depth and decided to repost it.

I said, “how could I find peace?”
He said,”die”.
I said, ” I am full of sorrow and pain.”
He said, ” better, die.”

I said, ” I turned copper into gold,
serving you mighty king.”
He said,”perfect, die.”
I said, ” If I die, who worship you?”
Silence, he became.

Darkness arrived,
Leaned on my shoulder,
Merged into, shaped me with substance.
A noisy fly sat on my back,
Shift between places,
Left to right.
Right to left.

I thought,
I fell in a grave,
How lucky I was,
When I found that is called Earth.

I found some candles around,
First attempt was to find his tracks,
What will happen to my existence,
In his absence?

Suddenly, noisy fly,
Informed me of my own importance.

So, I put a colourful robe on,
Called myself a Master,
play began…
A great imitation of his throne,
Designed by Ego,
Made by men.

Between days and centuries,
Human built an empire
In centre, a golden throne,
Measured by its worth,
Full of shiny stones.
Ego put spell on human kind,
It was easy to lead the blindfold ones,
With wound of separation
There were ready to accept,
Anyone as the Master.

Ego had no light by himself,
Which kept it hidden behind,
The shine of his throne.
But darkness was smart,
Stay patient around neighbourhood.

Ego was hoping with so many shiny decoration around,
Be recognised as a source of the light,
But at the edge of a doorway,
Between his throne and Earth,
A little rose told him,
It is a fading paradise,
It won’t last.

Seemed life had no purpose
Without his light,
How could I find my way out,
Of this created mess.
It is all the noisy fly’s fault.

Heart was in trouble,
Cried and complained
All day and night.
We used to make love,
Under his blue sky,
Washed our faces,
In calm water
Of fountain of love.
She kept asking,
What happened to my friend?

Heat of shame arrived,
Face turned in crimson red,
I burnt in my created flames.
Darkness jumped out of his place,
Happy, ready to open up,
And suck life out of a crack
Between walls of my heart.
I went straight to my grave,
With no chance to take my clay.

I saw the clouds,
I heard the birds,
I felt his breath on my face again,
I forget myself,
I remembered him,
I surrender to death.
I welcomed love.

Heart’s cage opened up,
White butterflies,
All in magical dance,
Brought fire down,
Lightened up hundred candles,
Around throne of heart,
She saw her friend’s face,
He never left,
He was there, all the time.

How could I deny,
These flames of love,
I am burning since.
Back and forth,
Between void and light.
Ego still plays some tricks,
Mind is an easy prey
Darkness, noises,
All hallucination
Keeping mind engage.

The last time,
I asked,” Am I you or is this your image?”
He breathe into my face,
And I fell into silence, since.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

14 responses to “Conversation with God”

  1. Dear Laz, connection of hearts and souls are amazing, thank so much for your clarity and kind nature… It means a lot… interesting you mentioned Toronto.. I have been here on a long visit and will return to England in a two weeks time… perhaps we have passed each other in streets over the last 11 months:-)…

  2. Amazingly Beautiful poem, Serena!
    I enjoyed immensely…every single word
    Peace, Love and Joy, 🙂

    Toronto Canada

  3. Dear Ram… words are out in space to be found, shared and expressed, glad but not surprised that you chose the title and I went back last night to read it and decide to repost… We both jumping up and down on a same rainbow:-)

    And it is my honor and true pleasure, happiness that you are here and reading and enjoying these poems… they are not mine,… they belong to all… to divine… in deep gratitude and in light

  4. divine……before visiting your blog…..I was thinking what subject to write after god’s ray = sun series… a thought appeared……will you believe it is…conversation with God..

    the first post will be for my friend and divine Serena….

    so glad to drink your poems….

    love all…


  5. Felt very deeply…I feel you presence often and know that you are just a click away.

  6. dthanja
    I thank you, truly for your companionship in my journey as well as the beauty you carry within your soul and words.

    flame is rising from depth of my heart, I do not dare to stop, light is all I want to become. It is joy of life, to be surrender with so wonderful teachers and friends.

  7. thank you for sharing your perspective of GOd,
    interesting and smart!

    Happy Thursday!

  8. …another incredible piece of astounding work, Serena! I’ve said it before, but it bears saying again, seeing this growth happening in your writing is wonderful. Thank you as always for your commitment to sharing your light.

  9. Wow, this is amazing! Ego is a powerful thing.
    “He never left. He was there all the time” – powerful and true.

  10. Wow… Serena, I thought for a moment
    it was in relation to MEN who pretended to be GOD.
    You know what I mean?
    It is a very humbling experience to have read this poem.
    Thank you so much.
    I am glad you have now found GOD,

    Here from Jingle!
    Welcome to the Rally!

    Happy Thursday!

  11. Fascinating tale. I particularly like how it ends–“I asked,” Am I you or is this your image?” / He breathe into my face, / And I fell into silence, since.” Thank you for sharing this.

  12. An intense poem, Serena! Really lays out the deception of the ego. Well done!

  13. hello there, william from Jingles Thursday rally here 🙂

    I have visited 15 blogs this evening to share the love of blogging and enjoyed every piece I have read, but then I came here, my last visit and I must have saved the best for last, wow, this was the best post of the day, u should be proud, writing in this calibre does not come often….

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