I have many brothers,
Living in current.

I know
The lines on their palms
On each stone
Will change
Through time.

I know
The imaginary border lines
Will keep us
In geography zones.

What widens
From turn to turn
Stays faithful
Against the change
Is the power
Of the current
Moving them forward.
Moving the entire cosmos
Closer to paradise.

Timelessness happens
In each spark of life
In Now.

I barely feel
We are apart.
All rooted
In depth of motion of love.

I have many brothers,
We have one moon,
We dance around one fig tree,
We have one mother,
In her shimmering
Current breathe in love
Bind us together
Returning home.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “Current”

  1. Joy , life, love, thank you Ram…. love all

  2. divine…….alone to all one….l = love….love is current of life…and catalyst for transformation…..returning home….

    love all..

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