Beloved 9

Awaken or sleep
You are walking in my body,
Planting lilies
At entrance gates.

At the dark edge
of the pool
Orange fishes
By your scent
Rising high in the sky,
Competing for your attention.

I am at your mercy
Drunken with honey wine
Losing touch with the world
Out there,
The mirror
That once I could have found
A fragment of joy
In torn cloth of pleasure
That world is gone.

My soul wants
To join the hidden feast
behind the silent lake
Where changing moon
Undress the earth…

I am in love
Not only with rose petals
But also with your thorns
I know,
You will break my heart
As before,
What makes it more enjoyable
Is my own willingness
To surrender to ache
without holding back.

I grow in love
As love grows in me,
All cracks on my heart
Has a secret to tell.

There is a fire in the red tent
Skin and blood are gone
What is left?
just my heart
A prey for your hunt.
Tired of escape
I am offering all I’ve got
To be sacrified for the sake of love

The feast begin…
In deep sorrow
Heart cry loud,
My beloved
I am joyous
If only you could see
Your shimmering face
Inside my walls…

© Serena Devi, October 2010

One response to “Beloved 9”

  1. divine…..mirror of God…..
    love all…

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