My sanity got lost
When I fell
In Labyrinth
A single
non-branching path,
Which led to the center.

I thought I am finished
But my mind bent around
To soften the path,
It was hard to follow
without a thread
Court after court
Chamber after chamber,
Walls covered with figures
Endless wonders.

Closer to the centre
A tiny passage
Fronting to
The sacred hall
With four pillars at each side…
I found the Goddess
Sitting on a throne,
A cup in hand
Pouring honey wine…

I drank,
My body started circling
opened my eyes
Nothing seemed the same…
No sing of Labyrinth.

Did I return to where I began?

There are secrets,
Unknown to ears,
Or eyes
The passage inside heart,
Will lead the silent warrior
To unknown turns and twists.

Legends say
If the warrior
Is brave, faithful to his call
And not devoured
at the midpoint,
Path leads surely,
Despite twists and turns,
Back to the beginning…

© Serena Devi, October 2010

8 responses to “Labyrinth”

  1. Dear Ram, yes to all… Divine …bless and honer all fine friends… Today the spasm in heart bloomed under the frienship of all.

  2. divine and dear Serena Devi…….good labyrinth…..dear Laz has to answer with so many wisdom words…a truly wisdom conversation blog….love to all..

    mind = m in d = matter in divine = fine friend as well as friend fine…

  3. Dear Laz, Thank you so much for holding me in kindness of your heart.
    Your words are full of truth and inspiration… Yes, we share and learn every moment…
    each journey is amazing with many ups and downs, till all heavy stuff goes and we left with light…
    much love and blessing

  4. Labyrinth… amazing..Serena
    Life…so complicated,so much to learn…we never give up…
    our minds so complicated…we try so hard…we give we take,
    a never ending journey …this strange and beautiful world!
    we share…
    yet we are the masters of our mind in this sense,then we serve… all creatures, with reason,and with knowledge….
    Warm regards
    Peace to you,

  5. divine……God is breath…..make breath your prayer….mind is a super computer and only remaining on wish of god and enchanting your mantra will help you cross the labyrinth……
    love all….

  6. Dear Ram, there is storm in me right now and your words are the real comfort and inspiration to help me to let go of all attachments, fears, personal story,.. your light and wisdom on daily basis brings delight in my heart… however I admit… this part of Labyrinth I am facing the shadow and all that comes with it… and I feel alone, even when I know God is with me.
    I don’t know when i will paint again, all is packed in suitcases, but I promise when I find some stable place to start again… my life will be a ritual to pray and be grateful in everything I do. Thank you for your presence in my life… it has brought so many shiny pearls….Much blessing and love to all

  7. divine and dear Serena Devi……..We are in a game of hide and seek with God…..first we have…then we lose ….and then we research…..and that is why we say research…..because we have a faint memory of God…..otherwise who will confirm the reality of your meeting..

    many time we are lost in the labyrinth….even if I know the way, will remain ignorant so God comes and we meet….be a child inside…..God knows only your childhood innocence with oneness of senses outside….that is happiness..

    God inside…..and its manifestation outside and witness to this is enlightenment…

    next time when you paint….make prayer to your blank canvas…to brushes…to colours….to air …to everything around you…..let God in you paint….observe the magic….

    post me the magic….

    love all…


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