A goddess or a beggar in your house

If love in me had a mask
I could have been named,
A goddess.

Sieged your castle
Took you by force,
Called it victory.

I am a nameless begger
with torn clothes
Outside of your glorious gates,
The only force
I’ve got
Is the burning desire
to be held in your arms.
I call this… Love.

As for me,
I walk sleepless
circling around your walls
Making paper moon
One after another
In shape of my heart
Throw them in the wind.

As for you,
You hear my steps,
soundless feathers
Rushing toward you
Kissing your hands,
“I want to love you”.

As for us,
We dwell in each other,
In time
In timeless

We are at our last stop
We disappear
like a mist
In dark silent night.

Look into my soul,
A mirror
To our endless love
Hear my words
For the last time…

I am a begger in your house
a goddesss in your love
I am ready
Take my life…

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “A goddess or a beggar in your house”

  1. Dear Ram,…. I really needed to hear voice of God through another soul, thank you for your wisdom and a heart full of love. I am surrendering and learning to be detach from drama and walk gently and effortlessly with respect to all lives… Much love and blessing to all

  2. divine Serena Devi…..Name has no meaning in love….God is your childhood friend….in friendship levels are same….be a innocent child inside…..God will hug you and you will realise that
    you were always king only….begger was a drama…

    good actors get difficult roles….and you are a fine actor….enjoy the role of this life….
    love all..

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