Killing me softly

You don’t want
My love.
you taking pleasure
Seeing my vulnerable side.

It reminds you
Of our early days
When we used
To play,
Chase butterflies
Between two magnolia trees.

You don’t believe
When I say
The house is empty
You blow the wind
Shake what is left
From the tree
Falling dawn….
Tree is wearing
While rain
Washes her earthy sins.

This morning
You freed wild horses
Ran through broken gates
In boundless field
just to see
How they chase
The rainbow’s tail.

When wheel turns
How long it takes
To get from here to here?
From end to begin
From grief to happiness.

Between all the gems
You left with me, in trust
One, I could only wear,
At least for now.

You know
The secret
behind my waiting…

In soundless dimension of me
You fill me with light
To show my vulnerable side
In your dark neutral back ground.

I am crucified,
Can’t forget you,
And can’t wait any longer…

My dreams are burnt
My wishes
The fragile fairy tales
broken in pieces
When I fell
In your love.

and you still don’t believe
The house is empty.
Your eyes telling me
I am waiting for more death to come.
Before you lift
The shadow off me.

To enter
In present.

You are killing me softly
With your absent,
So I live fulfilled
In your presence.

How long it takes
To get vanished in you?
I am waiting.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

4 responses to “Killing me softly”

  1. Dear Laz, Thanks for your heartfelt and kind words. I feel intimacy with god is not for weak hearts:-), so one just learn and get stronger in essence… Much love and peace to all. Serena

  2. How intense this is to read, Serena
    Sadly beautiful…I feel this poem is…
    All the best, 🙂
    Peace and Joy

  3. Dear Ram… divine, joy, happiness and peace to all

  4. divine…..extraordinary ……journey and destination together…
    love all…

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