Life is simple
When we create
Without posses,
When we love
Without expect.

when we act,
Then step back.

When we balance the whole,
Than stay in loop of partial.

Life is spontaneous,
When we are free
Of fears.
Reborn in moments,
Open to what it brings.
Give more
Than receive.
Be grateful
To be here
On earth,
Share the sky, stone, tree, bird,
with all human race.

Life is freedom,
When we let go of control,
Flow of grace
Governs the world.
When we let go
Of attachments,
No desire expands.
Life is a permanent bliss.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “life”

  1. ivine. you are so kind and wise… surrender in beauty… fold hands… standing in Zero…. you are a wonderful mirror of God, dear Ram… love a..

  2. divine……bliss rain on you…..God is kind….beautiful poem…

    when we love without expect…….without expect also is expectation only… in love…..just love…there is a word NAMAN…..means on the wish of god….you reverse the spelling of NAMAN….also remains NAMAN….that is in Namaste we fold both hand to become Zero….

    so Namaste…

    love all

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