Air bubble

Go within,
to depth of silence.
Swim in unknown moments
Like a simple colorless
Bubble of air.

Life is a mirror of the formless,
The thread unfolds inside, out.
Motion moves from invisible
To visible.

Live like a patient wind
Bring to dance
The aimless branches
Of the two lost willows
Finding love in their embrace.

Live like a bird
experience the greatness of your wings
In each try to reach to the highest peak
of your flight,
Under the shower of tears or delight.

Live in harmony with nature
Know, her laws
project the structure
Yet, her flow
Is a messenger of freedom.

Be a soul
Experience your humanness.

Sip your tea,
Eat your bread,
The chocolate cake.

Life is full of enough
Enough follows
The rhythm of change
And change follows
The motion
To the house of silence.

© Serena Devi, November 2010

2 responses to “Air bubble”

  1. You are kind and wise dear Ram… Love all

  2. divine and dear Serena devi….. Gift of God….
    love all..

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