End of Samsara


Tell them,
What they need to know,
To taste the fruit of life,
With no sorrow and pain.

Speak without words,
If you can.
Capture the essence of reasons
In every face, life and clay
That you walked in wheel of Samsara,
Sum them up,
Wash them off in sacred blue water,
In Sanctury of forgiveness.
In honor of what you paid, what you learnt.

Be patient,
Let the stream of light,
Brings her angels
To sit on your shoulders, on your heart.
Each dissolves,
The stains of anger, fear, egoism
With their silver sparks
Full of compassion and love.

Who knows,
How long one requires,
To clear, heal a heart,
To see the naked soul,
To look at mirror within,
With clear eyes.

When the noise stops,
One could hear the Divine,
Within core of her heart.

When Soul lifts up her veil,
Truth shines through,
One could know herself
And become one with Divine.

Time to feast and dance,
Get drunken with honey wine,
In presence with the mighty one.

Creation is made of dust,
The power behind, rests in Divine.

Tell them,
The one who seeks love,
Embrace life with forgiveness in both hands,
Share with tenderness of heart,
Create in balance, continue in harmony,
Rule her own kingdom, seek the mastery of self.

Tell them,
To plant the seed of Truth,
Observe it grows,
Spreads from their small garden,
Beyond borders, all over the world.

From their eyes to each planted seed,
Lies the path of light,
In a blink an eye,
One travels from here to no visible here.

Tell them,
To seek the face behind a face,
Which one lives in the other,
A soul in a clay, or clay within a soul,
and do not stop,
Till the answer reflects back
In purity of their shiny hearts.

Tell them,
Love of Divine is an unconditional stream,
Embraces all,
The one who understands his laws,
Joy of their being blooms,
Under monsoon wedding
of moon and the sun.
In intimacy with the true lover,
Green leaves of life promise
the mother earth,
A union, the wholeness of One.

Tell them,
This is the path,
You all will take.

The unaware ones,
After lifetimes
chase of their tails.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada

8 responses to “End of Samsara”

  1. Dear Duane.. thank you for your visit and kind words…glad that you found some inspiration in the poem… I truly wish you well in your journey and may divine love and light always be with you…Serena

  2. Duane Harrison

    I must say this was so beautiful to stumble upon ! It is very inspiring & opens my mind & eyes to remind me of the great things in life, I lost my way and this will help me get back on track, Thank you

  3. Thank you dear Ram… love all

  4. divine…… so much meaning and beauty…..
    love all…

  5. “Embrace life with forgiveness in both hands”. Yes!

  6. Thanks Jingle,
    I would appreciate your visits and kind words.

  7. trust and allow the Divine do the job,
    faith will pay off…
    Great poem!

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