Endless life

We build high rises
Brick by brick
Call it empire.

We destroy forests
Tree by tree
Call it progress.

We create terror
Anger, depression,
We name it ambition.

Somewhere in a middle
Of all dramas
We got disconnected
With our source.
We shook our flags
Called it independency.

Where are we now?
In this modern time, on earth
Paying to a florist
For permission to smell
The fragrance of a rose.

Value village
Is abandoned
People relocated in fantasy land
Valuing fast cars
Mastery of the time!

Away from the Sun,
Nature of light dies.

Growing out of the place
Sleepless and fearful
Hoping for a change.
We are lost.

Open the window
Not to outside
Invite the wind in
Hold the breath
Stay patient and feel
Being pulled out of your way…
Become changeable through seasons
Like a tree
Every leaf
Has a destiny to make.
Freedom is our share
Of the boundless blue sky
Only if our Being
Moves us to the right act.

Giving up is the easy part…
Staying with Now
Is the hardest part.
Regardless of what we know,
Life is the unknown journey.

Inside the great cycle of nature
Where end and begin
Surfing on one wave.
Our endless life…

© Serena Devi, November 2010

2 responses to “Endless life”

  1. Dear Ram… thank you for your great presence… all breathe in one space… love all

  2. divine……wonderful emotions on reality of life on earth….

    we all come out of nothing and go back in nothing….if one try to become something…..it becomes nothing….but if you remain nothing you may become something for nothing…..

    life outside will always flow between two levels…..to reduce this difference….one remain neutral inside and natural outside…..

    love all…

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