my spice
There are so little
That I know about you,
What heart needs,
you provide.

Urges melt in your fire,
Tongue, brain screams
No more.

Lava runs from the peak,
Burning lips
Seeking water, drinking
Cup after cup
Urges still unsatisfied.

Till heart says
I am dissolved in fire.
No more.

Love is honey,
The remedy for the burnt lips.
Love is wine,
soft kiss on a thirsty mouth.

Oh, chilies
Without your burn,
I could never spoke
Of the sweet taste of love,
Fluid freely
From the burnt heart.

© Serena Devi, November 2010

4 responses to “Chilies”

  1. Thanks Laz, glad you liked it… spices are good for kind hearts… peace and love to you…Serena

  2. mmm…Love the poem….Love chillies…Love all 🙂
    Thank you, Serena
    Peace to you, my friend

  3. Dear Ram… Thank you for your kind words… life is magical… Love all, Serena

  4. divine and dear Serena …….. out of chaos comes creation….
    …..magical poem…. taste of creative enlightenment….
    love all…

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