Lovers footprint

I ended my invisible pain
I came out naked
In front of all eyes
Declaring my love
to another me.

I couldn’t care less
For other’s opinion
Rumor or gossip.

I only have one lover,
I only have one life.
I am done
Kissing his face behind veils
Closed windows,
In dark corners of the garden.
I am done,
pretending “ It doesn’t matter.”

I cannot
this love.

My heart beats are controlled
By intensity of love spasms.

The painted canvas
In purple red
The true color of my prayers
In front of alter of his passion.

I have become an eagle
Wandering in his boundless sky,
I am a mystic fog
Pondering around his lake,
Days and nights.

I am drifting away
In his open arms
While his urges,
discovering new joy
In hidden curves of mine.

He kisses my palms,
Leaves the moon in one palm,
Praises the sun in the other.

He whispers his feverish longing
in my ear
While he envelops me
in his passionate embrace…

I no longer could tell
The difference between us…

We are lovers,
I just wonder
I only see
one footprint.

© Serena Devi, November 2010

3 responses to “Lovers footprint”

  1. dear and divine Serena….. when you listen great music….tears flows ……and you are in timelessness …..and then oneness with God…… this is true to your poem today…so more blessings to you…..and thanks to God…..

    love all…


  2. Oh Ram… thank you. have tears in my eyes… my heart echos your kind words… I am truly blessed … God blesses all.

  3. dear and divine Serena Devi …..

    We are lovers,
    I just wonder
    I only see
    one footprint……

    God has really hugged you…..this is a masterpiece….from oneness with divine…..

    bless you ….


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