Seeds of love

I am passing
Carrying your heart with me,
Seeking a fertile land
Welcoming soil
To plant your seeds
Growing love.

Away from noisy windmills
Stream of the useless thoughts.

Find a way
To have a simple life.
Fresh baked bread
A glass of soft water,
Eat less and understand more.

Like a red pomegranate.
With an ordinary skin
And a belly,
Full of sweet mystery,
Seeds of love.

© Serena Devi, November 2010

2 responses to “Seeds of love”

  1. Yes… dear Ram… greatness flows …humbleness is a practice … one must become master… to serve good of all…. I am new to all these…
    but my heart is so open, so much in love…

  2. dear and divine Serena …. eat less…. understand more….

    body converts everything one eats into blood….. all our life works should only bring happiness……that happens with the company of God….and God is with you….a precious gift….handle with humbleness….

    love all..

    great day of creative enlightenment through my friend…serena…


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