Increase, decrease
More, less
Far, close,
Now, then.
Children coming out
of the same womb,
Same space.

Knowledge breathe
behind all shapes.

Sun rises from the east
West is the natural way,
To complete the cycle,
Staying in zero.

Time measures
Human’s patience
While darkness
Humors our race
By random shift of the floors
Between green earth
And blue sky.

The wise man
Behind the scene,
Observes the shifts
In space.

Timeline stops,
Darkness opens up
All fall in a white ocean
Changing color
In colorless silence.


© Serena Devi, November 2010

2 responses to “Timeline”

  1. Dear Ram… my friend… thank you. Serena is a vessel of love, in love with god, hugging all….

  2. divine Serena…… when timeline stops…..darkness opens up…..

    it is true for you…..God is your childhood friend …..wants a hug from you…..

    love all…

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