Under the same blue sky

Plain walls,
Colorful walls,
Shabby windows
Empty houses,
Standing tree,
The same

Children are playing
Hide and seek
Behind the apple tree
In grandmother’s house.

Happiness paints
On old memory walls,
Empty street
Invites the moonlight
In purple hope  
The same

The impatient wind
The merchandiser
To change the autumn’s carpet
To invite
The white winter.

I bite my green apple
Tasty and full of juice,
Into your eyes,
I see,
Blowing me a kiss.

I know,
My basket will be
always full,
Apples will always
Taste good.

Life seems easy
When brush’s lips
Kiss passionately
the artist’s palate
colorful tears.

Tears of joy,
Washing the old walls
Plain or in color,
removes all doubts.

Purple hope,
Arrives from heaven,
On sameness
of the earth.
Standing tree,
The same

© Serena Devi, December 2010

4 responses to “Under the same blue sky”

  1. Dissolved in love… disappearing in one… you are so wise and so beautiful dear Ram… love all

  2. Thank you dear Laz, glad you liked it… exchanging love under the same sky with dear friends…. much blessing to you..Serena

  3. divine….. it is too much to drink two intoxicating poems in one day….. it is equally nice as …yar…

    love all…

  4. I Love this one, Serena 🙂
    Thank you, my friend
    Peace to you,

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