Waxing moon

I eat my joy,
Pealed orange
The irony of thoughts.
* * *
You are eaten!
Dark grief
The virginity of heart.
* * *
You and I
Joint in fire
Rise beyond five senses
Forming God.
* * *
Our relationship
starts and ends
In surrendering.
* * *
Moving in and out
Soundless change
Of the waxing moon
Unity in God.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

2 responses to “Waxing moon”

  1. Thank you dear friend… Bless you… your kindness, divine…love all

  2. divine…. moon is beauty of senses….. and drinking moonlight is drinking happiness of nature…. and you are with the cup of joy….and unity with God…

    bless you… love all…

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