Stripe cats and invention of car

The alley is empty,
Soundless night,
Stripe cats,
chasing butterflies
behind the rain’s track.

Steel fountain
Breaks the peak of water,
courage falls down
On the neighbor’s roof.

A car, a man
Traffic lights
Endless drive.

The night’s length
By each breath of dawn.
Stripe cats yawn
Stretch out by
The fire inside.
Enchanted by
Vivid colors of light.

West is resting
East is moving forward,
At the right time
Road’s length gets equal.
Sides get connected
In the centre stage.

Daytime now,
Alley is crowded.
Meeting point
at the cross roads.
Experiencing life
Without knowing how or why.

The cats knew
The secret
Before the invention of car.

Aimless passengers,
Cheat to pass,
Easy licence to claim
The driver’s seat.
Thinking they own the car!!

Laws of nature,
a free secret highway
To a life without any crossroads,
or traffic lights.

Give up the cars
The illusion of the driver’s seat
Fall into the stream
Swim beside the cats
Love stripes… zigzag rivers, flows.
Laugh, be happy
Learn from cats
Experience life
At zero.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

4 responses to “Stripe cats and invention of car”

  1. Dear Ram… stream is taking the poet… all effortless, I feel a new beginning inside… feel like a brush… excited of the white canvas… feeling beloved hands in each breath.. moving me in all direction… I am so blessed… thank you for all your insights and wise words… you are a timeless breeze from garden of beloved…love all

  2. Thanks, glad that you like it. all the best

  3. I really like it. Thanks!

  4. dear and divine Serena …….. a new dimension….. it refelects in your poem….. prayer of enlightened mind……
    love all…

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