Seagulls lovers

Distance shores
Fresh air, ocean waves
San Francisco’s bay,
Resting in one nest,
Home of love.

Duality of tea leafs,
After the first sip
Mouth removes the cloths
From shy virgin green leaves.

The dilemma in mind
Constant peak and choose,
The taste, color,
Unexpected smell.

What choice is left
For a homesick seagull
Hoping to return
To the only bay,
She knows
It is her lover’s nest.

Racing mind
Between two ends
Security of now
To settle in what it is,
Or freedom,
to capture a new wind
Under her wings.

The second sip,
Of the green tea
Clears the mind,
Opens the heart.

Offers a daydream
A beautiful rose,
Welcoming her time
Opening her petals.
Inviting her lover
To a night
Under th stars.

Thirsty seagull
In joy, flying high
Her lover lives
In the timeless bay.
Rose fragrance
Shows the invisible way,
Leading to the sun.

Seagulls lovers
In the nest of One.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

4 responses to “Seagulls lovers”

  1. Dear riderreal, Thank you for your kind words. all the best Serena

  2. It’s amazing! Thank you! )

  3. In deep gratitude…for all the blessing… greatness of wise friends… dear Ram.. your friendship is a cushion of kindness and peace …all in dance with divine…

  4. dear and divine…..your poetry will delight the generations to come like great Rumi ….. a new of you is evolving….
    love all…

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