Her heart creates

Her heart creates,
All those forgotten words
Coming in line
To make an entrance
Into your garden of love.

What weeps outside
laughs inside.
The grapes bunch
shiny of her tears
Tasting good
under your teeth.

The runner heart
breaks all limits,
passes all gates
Slower and slower,
closer and closer
Until reaches
To your colourful tulips fields.

She rests her head,
On lotus of your throne.
Outside of your garden
No one knows
What she seeks.
all of her needs,
At the rainbow’s feast.
This nameless child,
Has a great faith
In unspoken things.

In your silence embrace
She let goes of all
All happy things fall
In her empty cup.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

2 responses to “Her heart creates”

  1. thank you my dear and wise friend… love all

  2. dear and divine….. empty cup is full with eternal love….

    very nice poem….

    love all….


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