The natural way

Each drop,
Each leaf,
Each tree is
a silent participant,
The greatness of existence,
The natural way.

Seeing magic and wonder
In each moment,
Delighted in the way
things turn out, effortless.
Amazed at the beauty of creation.

Nothing is permanent.
All is changing.

Breath is a gift,
And life is an adventure
Into the unknown.

A moment before,
A dove sat
In front of a window.
A moment later,
She is gone.

Moments are all
We have.

Pace your life,
Preserve the force,
Time is a rocky concept
On a sandy shores
Washed by the waves
Of unknown,
Unformed in timeless.

Breath is a gift
Take it natural,
Share it well,
Live it
With love.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

4 responses to “The natural way”

  1. Thank you for your visit… cheers 🙂

  2. A breath of fresh air. I’ll drink to this.

  3. Ram… light and love… wisdom and kindness… now and here… love all

  4. dear and divine Serena …. breath is present and present is vertical dimension of God… so share with every atom…of you
    love all..

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