Indigo children

Under colorless sky,
I come, I go
Back and forth
Encountering death
In absence of you
Around the moon light.

When I fade away
In the dark night
Not knowing
If we meet again,
Keep your promise
Bring me back
Free of pain.

Repeat your dream
Beyond time,
Out of the cave of earth,
Let me be
A simple wind
flow in all directions,
murmur in your ear,
” I want you”.

A dreamer awaken
To motherhood,
I am giving you back
your child.
I kneel in front of
your stars,
In my crystal heart
To oneness with
your dark night.

I am loving you,
I will keep loving you
To my end
In eternal.

Our children
Will plant
Will never know
The coldness of death.
never doubt
In your golden eyes
Or your caring hands.

you named them
“Indigo children”.
Under colorless sky
They rebuild a new earth,
With no cave to hide.
The house of light
On the boundless
Blue ocean of love.

Indigo children,
Humans and Gods,
A legacy of divine’s will,
Will walk on earth,
To serve all.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

2 responses to “Indigo children”

  1. Intense experiencing of God… I am the experience… no words could express where this place is…. Oneness and witness …dissolving in One… deep gratitude dear Ram…my friend…xx

  2. dear and divine serena… a journey of creative enlightenment…. destination is very near…. hear the footsteps…. god is coming…. love all…

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