Your mirror

Who am I?
Who is breathing

Am I old
Or young?
Am I fat
Or thin?
Am I here
Or there?

Something hurts,
Is it in

Something is unfinished.
A Master piece
could only be seen,
In bed
Of light and shade.

I am unfinished,
I crave for an end
still pushed
the disturbing
Naked truth.

Who am I?
While all is left,
Is a stranger
Having my body.

I can’t control
Especially heart,
yours or mine.
If you have my body
Who is in tears?

If I knew
A better way,
I would have chosen it,
I don’t know anything
something hurts.

I know pain,
As well as
The empty
pedestrian roads
In rainy days.

Where is the eraser?
To remove this mirage
Inside of my brain.

There is no reference
For separation,
Am I completely
In your mirror?

Who am I
Without you?
The illusion of me,
Lacking you.
The truth of me
Is all you.

End the perception
Tell us
am I, you?
If you have my body
Own my heart,
Who is this woman
In tears?

© Serena Devi, December 2010

2 responses to “Your mirror”

  1. Ram… dear friend… I am wordless… back in desert… alone and still not alone… .. I feel another layer is pulled off… I must stay in silence… anywhere else is so painful. Thank you for your companionship… God bless you…love Serena

  2. dear and divine serena …. when the question is spiritual….answer will also be equally spiritual…

    woman or man is like a drama…. inside you is beyond both…the cosmic energy itself….. mother is a woman but woman is not mother…. soul is like a woman…. and it has a possibility to give birth to God…. to be a mother…

    change is happening in you… and answer will appear one day which will make you understand that you yourself is same as the cosmic energy…

    to know who you are one need mirror… mirror is meeting of transparent glass {soul } and non transparent medium silver{body } so folding both hands and prayer to god is the simplest and easiest way to become mirror …

    witness the breath…. God is breathing in you… neither in nor out….neither old nor new…neither masculine nor feminine….

    witness the role of Serena Devi naturally….remaining neutral with God in the center at naval with God…

    all great swimming effort need courage at the last lap…so trust God… you are like a fish swimming in the ocean of God…

    love all..

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