The Warrior woman

Standing by the sea,
Facing the change,
Strong wind
Touching her skin.

With arms outstretched
Listening to the waves.

The wind to coil
Around her flesh,
Centering in
Roots of trust.

Uncertainty will pass,
The countless transformations
Will make her soul strong
Yielding to feminine nature,
Staying in love,
staying neutral.

Leaving her armors at shore
She embraces the vulnerability inside.
The battle is close,
The army is gathering forces,
She is alone.
The warrior woman,
Without resistance,
Changing constantly,
Shifting her nature
To the tamed flow.

She stands
Out of the visibility
Mimic the rain cloud
Change her vision,
Free of rigidness
She grows her wings
Join the passing wind.

She makes a friend
With unchangeable change,
Make an ally of time,
She blows a kiss
To distance shore
Where her beloved resides.

Turns all distance,
All matters
In dust.

The warrior woman,
how close death walks,
How being naked feels.

She is laughing inside
On others attempt
To resist the force
behind all,
Old trees stump
Devoid the life
While she keeps
Surrendering more
To what life is…

Keeping the flame
of her dream alive
In her heart,
loving all,
Time dissolves untrue,
next to her beloved,
Like a flower
In the garden of One soul,
Making love
With the sun
and the moon.

In the midst of change
A new world
opens up to her.
The shortest route
To her beloved
Lies in the middle
of her heart.

She is a goddess,
Like a tear,
She falls
In the sea of bliss.

© Serena Devi, January 2011

7 responses to “The Warrior woman”

  1. Thank you for your visit and nice words… all the best Serena

  2. Breathtaking imagery.. You have beautiful words.

  3. dear and divine… you are a kind person…. God is kind and by chance blogging …so God grace guides us all… your comments bring tears… thank you my friend….
    love all…

  4. dear and divine Ram… your words acompany the silver river to her true home… many stones… hills… trees will change shape and form through the way…being the wish of God …is my true passion… May whoever I touch and come across be blessed with truth and love… no matter what matter shows… thank you for being such a enlightened friend who I can share in trust… love Serena

  5. dear and divine Serena …. one minus one is zero ….once zero …always zero…. zero thinking ….. neither want to know…nor do not want to know…. zero is sea of bliss…. all meditation are meant for oneness…. that is oneness of time and space…be natural like while watching a match…be neutral to both players….. so is life… flow with the wish of God…. let be God your protector ….. love your poems….like a silent river…flowing towards oneness with sea….

    love all…

  6. Thanks Goon… The picture is not one of mine… all the best Serena

  7. Beautiful. Did you draw the picture yourself?


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