Desire, hunger, freedom

Visible is full of things.
Desire is
an aimless boat
Full of passengers,
to rest in satisfaction’s shore,
Never ends.

Grasping is a habit
One must give up,
To be
a happy fish,
Hunger free
In bountiful sea.

The quiet mind
Only knows
The ordinary,
Only sees
The invisible.

Flowing river
Joins the sea.
Satisfied fish
Gladly, in peace,
Under the still water.

The golden bridge
The two worlds
In harmony.

the mind’s hunger
To the endless
river of abundance.

Be free
To accept everything.

Be happy,
Own your breath.

© Serena Devi, January 2011

2 responses to “Desire, hunger, freedom”

  1. Dear Ram… child is playing with her invisible friend… joyful.. eating chocolate… sweetness of life .. exploring deeper behind eyes… breath is the key to kingdom of heaven… I truly am grateful… dear Ram..your words of wisdom is an unmeasured treasure … thank you from bottom of my heart. love all

  2. dear and divine Serena ……tears of joy for a silent prayer…
    Be happy,
    Own your breath…… witness the breaths…. between the two breath is life…. every breath in is birth and every breath out is death….deep breath connects to cosmic intelligence at naval in the center…..observe the child breathing from naval…so breath like a child to own breath….. that is eternal happiness..
    love all…

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