Red robin and snowflakes

Snow falls
On silent edge of wood.

Inside of the frozen shell
Warmer world breathe.

Through each encounter
earth delve deeper

White cloak covers
All lands,
Sameness smiles
all around.

A red robin
on a naked branch
Sings at dawn.

The song
of her heart,
Full of units
of love,
Repeating in
Oms and Ahs.
Repeating in white,
Unfolding in dark.

Crystalline water ice
Falls from the clouds,
Open and soft,
Variety of sizes
and shapes,
Light or heavy,
Melting or

Returning to
the clouds.

The little robin
Fly to a new season,
of what is left behind.

Change increases
her small wings.

She sings
from her heart,
Vibrates to speed
of truth,
Focuses on her direction
the transformation.

Red robin,
a snowflake
In eternal.

© Serena Devi, January 2011

6 responses to “Red robin and snowflakes”

  1. Dear Ash, thank you for your nice and kind note…!! not an expert in bird’s watching… the site I took it …was claimed it is robin 🙂 all the best

  2. Came across your poem when I was looking for pics of robins on google, your poem is beautiful i love it! the pic looks kinda like a red cardinal though, nice picture 🙂

  3. Dear Ram.. Every day is learning and surrendering more… to one truth… I feel the oneness between us, rays of light…. much appreciated, love all.

  4. Thank you Stephen for visiting my blog and nice words… of course you can feature the poem on your website, that is kind of you. all the best

  5. Very beautiful poem! I’d love to feature you on my website if you are interested.

  6. divine ear and divine Serena….
    a snowflake
    In eternal.
    love all..

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