Camels, bride and groom, desert of light

Darkness is all,
Witness awakens
The dark.

The receiver opens
The gates,
Winds break down the rest.

Caravan of camels
The carriage is decorated,
Colorful ribbons
Behind the veils,
bride smiles,
Her white garment
Simple and handmade,
Inside, she is dark,
Like the Earth.

Witness is the bride
Not grasped by desires,
Or compulsion.
Comes to her groom
Reveals her
beautiful rose.
Spreads her fragrance,
In front of
watchful eyes,
in her beloved.

The groom
Sees her beyond
By choosing
where he stands
He alters the vision.
Closes his eyes,
Trust his heart.
Walks toward
the bride.

Happiness rises
When their hands
Eye to eye,
Soul to soul,
male and female,
Brings illumination.
Frees the light
Inside the dark.

The bride sits
On the camel of
her groom,
Both, as a whole
Enter the non-duality
Slip into absolute void.

Find the living flame
That burns it all,
Love, love, love.

4 responses to “Camels, bride and groom, desert of light”

  1. One day… poet is gone… poems will talk of the love…once found her heart…. dear Ram…so clear… all is and in now….love all

  2. dear and dear Serena…. love is light within darkness….God neither light nor darkness….. oneness of feminine and masculine…soul and body…

    as your silence is communicating….words are getting fewer and fewer to comment….

    one day…just
    love all…

  3. Thanks chexmax for visiting my blog and kind words… I usually have some inner image while I am writing… then I search the web to find a photo,painting,… that is close to that inner image and space… i am hoping in future… I paint for my each poem and keep all original 😉 … all the best Serena

  4. Wow, I’m loving the darkness motif in this! I’m curious, did you write this using the picture as a prompt?

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