honey milk,
smooth dream.

coming dawn the hills,
Bathing in the sea.

Arm in arm
lost in love
Away from the crowd,
Daydream of
the creation,
Where all beings
Disappear in clouds
Of time.

Undiscovered moment,
is a virgin girl
Keeps coming back
To surrender,
To remove her cloth
The union.

You and I
Covered in silk
Walking in bliss
celebrating life,
Let the rest silently
goes with the wind.

© Serena Devi, January 2011

4 responses to “Silk”

  1. Dear Ram…. you said the unsaid…so beautiful… thank you for great presence and wisdom… love all

  2. dear and divine Serena….. mirror of God….

    lost……..god is no where
    found…..god is now here
    somewhere…. I am I
    never lost ever found
    with you always
    in the wells of silence
    love all….


  3. thank you…all the best

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