Garlands of light

To my dear friend and teacher, Ram

My identity as
a creation on earth
Is a colourless truth,
Like water,
Passing through all,
Rivers, mountains, forests,
And times…

changes in changeable
While sameness
Resides in permanent.

Sun rises,
With your smile,
joy arrives
Of meeting a new day
To grow in love,
In your paradise.

The fragrance,
Over the naked green lands,
boundless blue sky
high gray mountains.

My roots
getting old in form,
My soul
Shapes in unformed,
Mirroring you.

Every morning,
I open my eyes,
Into yours,
Not see us anymore.

One breath after another,
My heart feels
like a little dove,
Shivering in joy
To fly high,
over the blue line,
To feel life.
To meet

Her passion rises
In instinct of fly,
My little dove opens
More to unknown…

I don’t know
Who you are…
I feel only love.
I no longer know
Who I have become…

My knowledge cannot
the purpose
of my creation,
My little dove shivers,
I feel your breath.

Love is the maker,
The hands shaping my soul.
Love is us
looking into each other,
losing self.

Love is the creation,
Running through time…
Changing all,
Creating beauty,
Directing life
To enlightenment,
To permanent present.

Love is the unending path,
The journey,
Each life,
and not just human,
To return to beginning.

The ecstasy of rejoining
Union between
Creations and the Creator,
Forgetting all,
Is the remembering
The One.

All paths
Are branches of Love.
All creation,
Mirroring Divine.

What we cling everyday
as life
Is a mirage,
Owning us,
A place
we never arrive.

Permanent present
Is the home of creation,
Rules by Divine’s law.

Realize the truth,
Love never leaves
your heart,
Serenity outside,
Clarity inside,
No more
You and I,
Garlands of light
In dance,
In love.

© Serena Devi, January 2011

2 responses to “Garlands of light”

  1. In deep gratitude… in acceptance … in flow…in love… dear ram…thank you for bringing so much love and light in our one song…. love all

  2. dear and divine child Serena…. wondering without goal is enlightenment….. journey and destination every breath…now..

    Serenity outside,
    Clarity inside,
    No more
    You and I,
    Garlands of light
    In dance,
    In love.

    song of divine….
    love all…

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