A Voice Through the Door….A poem by Rumi

Sometimes you hear a voice through the door
calling you, as fish out of water
hear the waves, or a hunting falcon
hears the drum’s Come back.
Come back.

This turning toward what you deeply love
saves you. Read the book of your life,
which has been given you.

A voice comes to your soul saying,
Lift your foot. Cross over.

Move into emptiness
of question and answer
and question.

~Mevlana Rumi

3 responses to “A Voice Through the Door….A poem by Rumi”

  1. “Read the book of your life,that has been given you”….and comprehend what it is saying…

  2. So true… the silent emptiness …where we all live…thank you dear friend…love all

  3. dear and divine serena ….. Knockout ego………….., before knocking …….

    in emptiness there are no questions…..I am the I am….just you…

    love all…

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