The voice of beloved

You spoke once and your words changed everything…as you wished, I forgot your face, your personality…but your essence stayed with me, breathe inside my heart…Happy Valentine …always…Serena

“I am home. Present. Dusky.

Brimming. Wave after wave my anticipation grows and mounts.

The flow continues, soon it will burst the dam.

Your valley, your verdant soul shall soon be awash

Briny, salty, primordial tides will whirl us in a our dervish dance

Spinning we will relinquish, surrender

Savor the ebb for the flow that follows

Listen to the quiet peace for the cries of YES! are paddling to your shore.

I kiss you and your smile with the gentleness of Vesuvius and long to feel your embrace.

Let the moon speak for me tonight

Tomorrow I will whisper – low and close – my breath of longing.

I will meet you in a dream tonight.

Tomorrow we will live one.”

©written and inspired by S. R- Sept 2008, San francisco

2 responses to “The voice of beloved”

  1. Touching, most especially the last two line. Well done, Serena.

  2. Powerful words touching my heart…..

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