A samurai

A young samurai
Returned home
From the war.
Without a leg
Heart full of anger,
Sorrow, his only friend.

Years passed,
He learnt to walk
With one leg,
He learnt to let go
Of the old wounds,
Brought many new friends.

He embraced his pain,
All days and nights,
Silence was the witness
Holding him in faith,
Giving him courage
To follow his destiny.

Many moonlight passed,
Painted the dark cloths of night
Many tears,
Washed the face of earth.

Under the umbrella of time.
Pain, sorrow, joy, happiness
Different vibration of one truth,
changes on the surface,
innocence breathe,
Create love.

The young samurai,
Became an old man,
A gardener
In love, with his one leg,
In love, to dance with all melodies of life,
In love, with his beautiful garden
full of adversity,
In love, with his own heart.

A true warrior
Embraces life
In war, in peace
As it is.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2011

5 responses to “A samurai”

  1. Dear dthanja, all paths are merging in one at all beginnings and ends… I cherish and value the life in you.
    we all mirroring life …till none is left, then life is what it is, in us and beyond us..dancing, loving, cherishing with, in and out of form, time and space… evolveing…
    It is always a pleasure to read and share with you, dear friend… thank you for your lovely comment and presence here. many blessing serena

  2. Hi Serena,

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited/wrote anything WordPress-ed. I really wanted to comment on this extraordinary poem! It is not only beautiful and powerful, but truly speaks to my beliefs and life path of late!

    Thank you for this amazing reminder to cherish life and ALL that comes with it…


  3. dear and divine Ram… hear my heart beats… God is beating… and tears of joy washing my shores… the sameness in you, in me, in God, in all…. humble to such a beauty and perfection… love all….xx

  4. dear and divine Serena ……beauty is when what you are in side ….is what you reflect outside…..to my surprise your face looks familiar…..

    A true warrior
    Embraces life
    In war, in peace
    As it is.

    now warrior is in armour of God…so God is with you Serena…
    love all…

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