Beloved 12

Beloved, you are my friend
My redemption, my strength, my true lover.
Seduced and tempted by your charm and beauty,
many life times,
I surrender to your love, in this one.

Beloved, you are breaking my heart,
With your silence,
You leaving white marks
On my dark wings,
Your grace, shakes my roots,
your art is my painted leaves.

Beloved, come to me today,
Tomorrow might never come,
I can’t spare any delay, in a moment
End my lonelines, to begin, with you.

Oh beloved, swimming in my own tears,
I cross all oceans between us,
To be with you, under the golden gate,
Over Presidio, next to the twin peaks,
Across the vineyards,
Close to sandy shores…

Beloved, my soul wants to leap and join,
To embrace and dance
Between your arms.
I am falling in silence, hidden from all,
I am offering you
The rose inside,
With all of my love and senses,
With the restlessness and longing of my soul,
Come to me, I am all yours.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2011

5 responses to “Beloved 12”

  1. Dear Jamie, You are so lovely, full of love and beauty. I truly feel your kind heart, such a gift … thank you for all the wonderful comments…. my blog smells so good from your visit…..

    Spiritual and worldly seems the same place when love breathes. I lived two months in Bay area and I left my heart there with my earthy beloved ( a long story that I still wonder how it will end)…I wish we would have a chance to meet up… you are a friend that I truly be honored to have.. who knows… maybe one day I return to SF. much love Serena x

  2. Like Rumi, tempted to read as worldly or spiritual. Choose spiritual. Well done.

    I take it from this that you are in the Bay area. So, we are neighbors!

    Blessings –

  3. dear ram… his pen is writing beautiful and you are very kind…love all

  4. dear and divine…..tears = t ears… truth ears…. the name of Allah….love all….ram

  5. dear and divine Serena….. fine poem..

    Oh beloved, swimming in my own tears,
    I cross all oceans between us,..

    love all..


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