Always close

When you stay close,
I become real,
rest my head
on your chest,
offer my scent.

When you walk away,
noises take over
My body chases illusion,
Lane after lane
Crashes into the wall.

When you leave my bed
Sheet stays warm,
and roses in the vase

The moon,
evening standard,
and your white shirt,
good omen
For loving you more,
take you so close,
and forget
to count,
to measure life,
to question intentions,
to ask for how long more…

With you,
I am real,
without saying my name,
without my notes,
My breath of longing
Have the shape of your face.

With you,
love visits,
Chambers of my heart,
I vanish
in her play ground.

Without you,

my lyrics are mortal
ill-tempered lines
fading in dark,
notorious woman,
stroking herself.

Tell me,
How could I walk my talk,
If you don’t show up
To hold me in your arms,
When my knee bends and
I fall on a ground.

For reasons beyond mind,
I must fall,
on a ground,in love, in void,
In all the places that you might pass,
I fall, I feel the hurt,
I cry, I sob, I write poetry,
I stay alone,
I evolve.
my heart knows,
You are here,
I am real,
we are
always close.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2011

2 responses to “Always close”

  1. yes, so close… one place… you are so kind …dea ram…love all

  2. dear and divine Serena ….. all ways close….love all…ram

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