Dance in spring

Dear God,
give me a heart, beats with your pulse,
Give me a heart, sings your song,
Give me a heart, dances in your spring.

A heart, connected with earth, ocean,
stars and lights,
connected with serpents, hummingbirds,
eagles and jaguars.
A heart, to link west to east,
north to south,
to link, past to future,
on a bridge called Now.

A heart, to give and take,
harmony, rhythm and love,
laugh and sharing with all.

Dear God,
Give me a heart, to cherish, to honor,
to share life with all creation,
Give me a heart, full or empty
but never half and half.
give me a heart, that could hold
the love I carry inside…
For you, for myself, for my family,
for my friends, for all strangers that I will meet,
For all the lost ones, for all the forgotten ones…

Give me a heart,
to dance in spring,
To hold on love, no matter what,
and trust and believe
I will be with my twin
in this lifetime.

Dear God,
give me the heart
that in her reflection,
you see
© Serena Devi, here, at home, on earth … March 2011

4 responses to “Dance in spring”

  1. dear anima, thank you for your lovely words and it is my pleasure to share love…. much joy and happiness to Serena

  2. This poem touched my soul deeply…I loved it so much that i translated it into Romanian and post it on my blog, as a gift for a friend who is in a delicate moment of her life.
    please let me know if you want it removed..
    Thank you.

  3. Dear Ram… I certainly feel god.. in the same home…your eyes see me far better than people who live close by… in gratitude

  4. dear and divine Serena…..hear god ,at home , on earth , march 2011….and heart at God’s art…
    love all…

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