Lavender rose

Intimacy with self,
Takes place
In a bedroom
Full of red lights
on the lavender walls.

Open windows,
eternity plays,
on soft white sheets
under the velvet touch of moon,
Self surrenders,
to joy, to wetness of closeness
To whisper of poetry
To love.

A rendezvous
To meet the other side
Where shadow lives,
comes after sweat and cry
When two perspective
In one image.

When bodies
lose their shapes
In the dark,
Pulsing heat,
passion rises.

Light bends down,
Touches open lips of soul,
Candlelight flickers,
Silence grows,
Dark bodies,
wrapped in each other
Empty of desires,
Full of wonders,
Fall in sleep.

A breeze of light
Comes from the garden of love.
Soul breathe deep
Inside the red lights,
Lavender walls
come down,
Open meadow, boundless field,
The beloved
at the other side of road
sparrows sit still
On an old oak tree.
Lovers glancing across
The edge.

Intimacy with self,
The passion
to meet god,
unfolding beauty,
at the edge of life
inside out,
the lavender rose blooms.

Ah, if we only knew it from the start…
Each body,
would become a lavender room,
Each moment
an opportunity,
to hold our arms around self,
Making love,
experiencing God.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

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