your eyes and my dance

I have nothing to say,
words fall in the dark,
helpless mind
vanishes in a space.

I am just a motion,
Passes through silence,
Each sound is a pray,
Is a dance
Between stillness
and movement.
all stops.

It is all happening,
without me
doing anything,
being here,
is my choice
I make everyday
With each breath,
I take.
Being here
is not about me,
“I” is the only reality
my senses could confirm.
Beyond “I”
they are blind.

I have nothing to say,
No word for publishers,
No workshop for seekers,
No statement on the facebook
and yet I am responsible
I walk my talk.
When I can’t remove the truth
By delete bottom.

I am a leaf
been through many storms,
no longer bond to any tree
Or any land.
Free wind is my mother
And blue sky,
my play ground.
My dance is my pray,
and your eyes
my dream.

I will end in silence.
My dance is my creation,
My faith is my choice.

to be real,
To love
Beyond reasons,
Beyond hoping,
Beyond imagination,
A choice
to accept everything,
none will last.

I am a dreamer,
Inside a dream,
The only reality
is your eyes.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

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