In a memory of Nobhill

Repost…if you hear my heart beats, you understand my love for your hills, for your smile, your breeze… you are so alive, real in me….

Today, every smile I received,
Took me back to San Francisco,
To you,
The one with yellow tulips in your hands.

The day of introduction of our hearts,
Enfolding each other in circle of life.

Sitting in my loneliness,
I am reaching out,
To touch your clay,
And my lips whisper,
Over and over,
The magical melody,
heartbeats of yours,
Full of desires.

The memory is still fresh,
Our last afternoon together,
Caught in wonder and surprise of love,
Fell under spell of hummingbird’s mystery song.

Oh, the noisy cable cars of Nobhill,
Do you still remember our fragrance,
Spread over your curves?

The warmth of his chest
Touched the softness of my lips.
In silence of our hearts,
Joy of belonging arrived.
The gentleness of his hands,
Embraced the impatience of my shores.
I knew it then,
My heart is his.

I think of you, the one with yellow tulips,
The day you said farewell,
to love of mine.
My wounded heart
jumped on a one way flight,
To unknown destination.
No point in return.

Now and then,
I scribble on empty page,
The longing for my heart,
to return.

I think of you, almost every day.

© Serena Devi, Jan 2010, Thornhill Canada

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