Behind the iron walls,
Lips are sealed,
Eyes search the sky
Hope to find a sign,
From the brave warriors,
buried in distant caves.

Suffering never ends,
Here or there,
For me
for someone else,

Facing the current
Breaks my bones
With heaviness of truth,
Strips my soul,
of lights or shadows.
Crushes the flesh
Under the endless rain,
leave me with no choice
offering my essence,
my virgin heart
Surrender completely to love,
over and over
with devotion of a sinner
At altar of eternity.
Ask for forgiveness
And grow angel wings
in the place of whips’ marks.

confirmation of the existence,
On this planet,
before I depart,
I must embrace
all suffering,
So pain speaks
of all the unsaid parts of me,
prisoners in fears.

Inside my mind,
Dream changes
all the time,
Breaking news, headlines
take away my innocence,
So lost in labyrinth
loneliness chasing me from behind,
too tired, to shout or cry,
Too depress,
to wrap my arms around my flesh,
And trust,
that my own love is enough,
To make me feel better.

I must face the current
With no thought,
or perception.
I must see the end of suffering,
who’s carry my cross,
walk in my shoes,
Face all demons inside,
and still choose,
with her heart.
love is real
and she is just a dream,
passing by.

Where is the refuge,
When confusion
strangles all hopes,
where freedom dwells,
When fear
represent authority.

What happens to my raven heart,
When pain is so loud
I can’t hear God.

Under the skin,
I scratch the only place
I could,
So hope wakens up,
I fall back in love.

I scratch
my soul,
between tears
and spasms
Of desperation,
I write poetry,
I pray in each word
So I could reach beneath,
And for a moment,
just a moment
Between the iron walls,
And my sealed lips,
I see the opening,
To reach beyond myself,
God be heard.

I am gone,
pain stops,
Silence be

While tears are still running,
I bend,
make myself so small,
So little,
I don’t take much space,
I don’t make anymore sounds,
just for a brief moment,
I feel God,
I feel us,
I feel universe,
Tears still running on my face,
Still here,
But I am no longer alone.

Suffering is the uneven path,
One must cross,
To hear,
The offering
in each moment.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

2 responses to “Offering”

  1. dear ram… grateful to your presence…love all

  2. dear and divine Serena…. silent prayers of tears….beautiful…love all..

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