Whirling silence

Like a circle within circle,
Like the inner planets
around the sun,
Bond by gravity,
Build rock on rock,
Metal inside.

Spinning wheel
Does not stop.

road after road,
Night after night,
Carved holes
Inside mind,
Peeling an apple,
whirling silence
Full of juice
in dance,
Revolving around
One centre.

ripples in a stream,
moving backwards,
Time stops.

Mind is empty,
The road is covered
With colourful leaves,
The soothing in the heart
Leaving marks,
Warm and close,
Like a ha,
in a cold winter night
On a frosty glass.

The colour of the night
Speaks of the secret
Behind whirling hearts.
Darkness is the witness
Who echoes the silence.

I am drawn in this dream,
Circling seems my being,
If I am not whirling,
Then I must be
With the centre.

Who is my witness,
Who hears
the true voice of my heart
Through all the noise
my mind makes.

My dream is like Ha
On a frosty glass
In a cold winter night,
My dream is like wow
Seeing a shooting star.
My dream is
to have a simple life,
Full of love,
Kindness and friendship.

Simple and plain,
Like sands pebble,
Like a journey
of a wheel inside a wheel,
Like a small frost
In the shape of a heart,
beginning a new dream.

I am circling
Beyond beginnings and ends,
There is no witness,
Neither a voice,
in my head
Or anywhere else.
Am I gone?

All is here,
Is a burning sun
in the place of my heart,
melt the metal,
Build rock on rock,
bond to eternity
by love.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

2 responses to “Whirling silence”

  1. what you simply and truly writes, my friend..Serena experience after many whirling and falling down!! practice makes one perfect… and love is the greatest pull for a lover to keep go on till mastery comes….. thank you for your pearls… they are shining upon my path… I treasure your friendship…Serena

  2. dear and divine Serena…..soul is the inner circle and body is the outer circle…..and God is the center for all…..bring inner and outer circle together…..as oneness and mirror to God…dance and dancer become one….only I as I…beautiful..
    love all….

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