The blue moon

To my beloved Shams, to Snooky

Outside the blue café,
Mid June,
The night is dark,
Air is cool,
Florescent lights
Dance in
water pond
across the street.

Up there,
Silent walks,
Stars shining high,
Memories, one by one
Dive bravely
inside my glass of wine.

Jazz player murmurs
My favorite song,
Small, foolish words
Full of promise
Take me to go far,
Away from all crowds,
To my favorite place on earth,
San Francisco bay,
Seeing you across the same table,
With the face full of smile,
Oh, the same mystery,
Between our hands, our lips,
the unsaid beatings inside.

Me, you, universe, drinking wine
Me, you, dancing under stars,
Glowing, reading
inside each other’s heart,
Me, you, making love,
Seeing new in everything
Light and gay,
In each corner of the summer night.

Play our little sounds,
Low and close,
Long to belong,
While fate is writing our story
on stars,
You and I embrace
The blue moon,
Kiss the lips of night,
Melt is warmth of love
become one.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

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