Dark hole, opening to the kingdom of love

His brush
moves up and down,
My lips smiles.

His breathe,
Digs hole,
on open
soft shores of mine.

He possesses my soul
When his eyes gaze into mine.

The hole inside my heart
Is the opening
to his kingdom,
My untamed nature,
Is the earth, he walks on,
is him
to me.

My hands float in the air,
Reaching to his hair,
Opening the curls,
One by one,
the shower of his kisses
Falls on my head.

The heart’s lock is broken,
Width open,
looking into horizons,
Waiting for the kings’ hawk
to arrive,
The messenger of the night,
lightens the sky,
Stirs the bamboos,
Whispers the magic.

The feelings, emotions
the storms of love,
the endless mystery
The path to abundant life,
When I discovered the dark hole,
inside my own heart.

Brave or insane,
I delve deep,
into the darkness,
every day a bit more
lose more
oh, my veins
are full of blood,
My heart carried
many wounds,
life after life.

Remedy for forgetfulness
Is forgiveness.
My king told me that,
when he put his lips
On my heart,
I forgot everything,

How could I wait any longer,
When all I ever wanted
To melt in his fire.

I am no longer recognized
by ordinary eyes
His fire has changed my face,
destroyed my castle,
tamed my nature,
Rooted me in a different soil,
I am growing in love.

Oh, my king,
Break my clay,
take the heart,
Blow inside the hole,
Free my soul,
Let me fly from the cage,
I am a heavenly bird,
Eagle or swan,
My power
Is your reflection.

I am lost in the dark hole,
At the kingdom of love,
Oh, my king
I am lost in

© Serena Devi, March 2011

2 responses to “Dark hole, opening to the kingdom of love”

  1. thank you, glad you liked it…Serena

  2. Lovely and moving…

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