Power of Now

Through the passage of time,
Learning shapes mind
Even better,
could open the heart,
If we stay in trust,
in darkness and light.

No one fight our battles
Win or lose,
our share of life
on the earth,
is what we create.

Duality is the battle field,
Created by mind,
what is inside.
We hurt and get hurt,
suffering raise us up
to a higher conciousness,
Pain is the candle in darkness
help us to be portable
inside the spiral.

the greatest adventure lies
On the path to underworld, within.
Face the shadow,
accept and merge in one.
Walk through all rooms,
open all closed doors,
Get to know the castle inside out,
Find the centre room,
the golden throne
The pearl on a velvet cloth,
The innocence ,
the mother of all.

Lose all realities,
In the power of Now,
And hear the silence
the only voice of God.

We are a creator
with a free will,
without trusting our nature,
the essence,
Participate willingly to the silent corporation of all,
We will be lost in time,
exhausted in seperation
Building a mirage,
a castle for untamed shadow of all, Ego.

Dawn the labyrinth
Follow the stream of spiral,
Universe is inside,
trust the music of your heart,
love and become free.
Love is the force,
The creator of Now.

Free soul
Will take us home,
The kingdom of happiness
Is our true share of the earth,
If we surrender
to love.

Oneness with divine
is the prize,
If we let go
of all attachments,
Fall in the power of Now,
Time and timelessness
merge in one.

We burst
with delight and joy,
in laugh
with divine.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

2 responses to “Power of Now”

  1. yes ram… wow to now …wow to change… and whirl inside out….many blessing to you…to all

  2. dear and divine Serena …….God is DAYALU……DAYA ALU…..kind potato…..how you cook….it is your choice….what curry you make is your choice….true path is cook with love….look with love….. hook God with love…..love all.

    you are God’s love curry….w.o.w. to now.

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