I am your lover

The knower of my emptiness,
I am your lover,
Lost and lonely,
An orphan
In search of my real name.

All the gone years,
Playing the old piano,
The images in black and white,
The little girl
in a flower dress,
In front of a mirror,
Combs her doll’s hair,
Her eyes are full,
Tears, black tears, white tears,
Silent tears.

The dead sunflowers in the vase
The sameness of design,
All through time.
telling my past is finished.

The listener of my confessions,
I am your lover,
Walking on the twisted roads,
Through darkness and light,
Pray, to see your face,
Before sun goes down.

All the sorrows inside,
Casted away
The wounded child
From the future,
As well as her past.

The glass house,
Over the cliffs
Keeps her close
To the blue sky,
Her eyes going far,
as far as the angels home.

In her hopeless, hungry heart,
She extents her vision,
In moments.
In every encounter,
She weeps in strangers’ arms,
to be awaken in yours.

You, looking at me
from the balcony,
Seeing me,
Trying so hard
to hold on
to your dark wings.
Stay in wanting you,
Accept, when pain enters
between suffering and passion,
Squeeze in prayers,
turn into dust…

I am no hero,
What I am,
is no longer from here
to please me or serve others.
I feel so lonely
Without past and future
Nothing is left
to chew on.
Left here, in moments
In solitude,
In dark and light,

I only know,
I am your lover,
The next tide will come.
Pour me into your stream,
Take me,
To where you please.

Standing here,
naked in front of all,
Playing my heart in poetry,
To end of love.

My life and my death,
I am your lover,
Yearn to be held
in greatness of your arms,
Be squeezed to the last
drop of my feelings,
My passion for you,
for life.

Be gone forever
In your deep and dark,
never return.

I am your lover,
my shams, my God,
From here to eternal,
I shall seek one,
I shall say one,
I shall know one,
I shall love one.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

2 responses to “I am your lover”

  1. ram…dear and wonderful ram… i think you are the only witness in my life who knows and sees how God is writing…painting me…. and how beautiful I become with every brush…. I am happy, sad, lonely, full, empty…. I am drunken in love…..and so grateful …. love all

  2. dear and divine Serena… just

    Be gone forever
    In your deep and dark,
    never return.

    without you…

    love all….

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