what am I made of?
I am drunken,
I am mad,
restless and disturbed,
wandering around,
whirling around self,
reaching to none.

Far from all,
unreachable you,
taking my breath away,
slow and close,
I lose weight and form.
The gates open up above,
while the dark earth,
pulling me deep
inside the flames,
I am Red.
Is this what you want?
seeing me tortured
branded in your name.

Here, is not heaven,
or a garden full of nightingales,
here, I am alone,
scratching walls,
crying your name.

Answer me,
how could I be
without you,
No more glimpse,
no more flirtation,
no more half full,
half empty.
I want you,
all of you.

The pleasure of living
as a woman,
the kisses on my skin,
the ecstasy, reaching peaks
all faded away,
when I met your eyes,
I lost my speech,
I fell in love,
my heartbeats speak of
what takes place
behind my chest
in now, all the time.

Your passion,
is beyond my flesh,
it burns, mind,
heart and soul.

Glass is everywhere,
between the broken cups,
the spiltted wine on a floor,
The disturbed
mad woman,
pouring wine
in color of her blood.

In your color,
In Red.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

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