Moonlight speaks in white

I am lost in you,
In your dazzling silver
and blue.
and yet
seems so far.

Wind chases me,
I hide under swallows’ wings,
behind the turquoise water fall,
in depth of the green forests.

Shimmering stars
show me
Your west,
Where I belong.

I lean on your shade,
From autumn
till cherry blossoms.
How many more days,
I will be called
by my own name?

I am a floating moon,
Waiting for an invitation
From the next waterfall,
No one owns the reflection.
Moonlight speaks in white,
Silver turns to melody
Inside out.

I hear fairies
From dark distant woods,
Unmoved water,
Calling the moon,
by your name,
Come, come.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

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